Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weird Produce

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween.  Lulu and I didn't dress up this year as we just returned home from visiting my sister-in-law in White Rock, BC.

Keeping with the Halloween idea, I decided to show some pics of some of the weird looking produce we grew this year.

First we have a peach with a nose.

Then we had potatoes that sat up.

 And three potatoes joined in a bunch.

Then we had this one that sat up and had another potato joined to its leg.

 This fall we had a number of carrot bunches in one.

 Small ones attached to a large one.

Fat, round ones attached to one side. 

And a bunch of small ones growing in a vertical row. 

I also had a couple of cucumbers that got misshapen when they grew through the chicken wire I placed around the cherry tomatoes to keep Lulu out. 

I was growing the cukes for seed for next year and had to cut the wire so it wouldn't hurt them when I harvested them before a frost. 

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