Monday, November 26, 2012

Bad Year for Glasses

I've not had good luck with my eyewear this year. 

Earlier this year, I had an accident with my prescription sunglasses.  I was taking my lawnmower in for servicing and was helping lift it out of the trunk of the car.  I had been wearing my sunglasses and I removed them and set them on the roof of the car so they wouldn't fall off and get scratched.  After we got the lawnmower out and I slammed the trunk shut, I reached for my glasses and they were gone.  I looked on the ground and everywhere else and couldn't find them. 

When I opened the trunk I found that they had slid down and got crunched when I slammed it shut.  Surprisingly, the lens were fine but one arm had a right angle bend in the middle of it, and the other was bent out at the hinge.  I was able to straighten the bent arm by tapping it gently with a mallet but I didn't want to tackle the other arm for fear I break it. 

Because Lillooet is quite small, we don't have anyone to fix eyeglasses.  So I need to drive to Kamloops (2 hours away) to get them fixed.  I waited until I was going to visit Barry so as not to make a special trip.  Unfortunately, it was very sunny that day and I needed the sunglasses.  They stayed on because of the one arm behind my ear and the nose pieces were very tight.  The other arm stuck out from my head at 45° angle.  I'm sure I looked like a goof but they worked.  Luckily I was able to get them adjusted and quickly be on my way.

Now  a week or so ago, I was cleaning my eyeglasses and they snapped in half.  One half had the piece that goes across the bridge of your nose and the other part only the lens and arm.  I tried to tape them until I got to the eye doctor but you can't tape them without taping part of the lens and it is distracting seeing the tape.

I made an appointment to get my eyes checked and when I left couldn't wear my sunglasses because it was too early and still not completely light.  Twice I had to stop when I turned my head and half the glasses flew off my face.  As soon as I could, I switched to my sunglasses so I could drive without the bother.

I now have new eyewear on order and will soon see details again.  ;)


  1. Thank god!! Neil you get them....I'm just not sure you should be operating a motor vehicle. Your post made me laugh out loud. I could totally see it as you were describing it.

    1. I can actually see quite well without glasses (leaves and such are a bit fuzzy) but feel safer wearing them. I won't drive at night without them as it makes me too tense. I did laugh at myself as well.

  2. Neil??? That should be until.
    I left my email on the vanilla post for you. I'll share all my vanilla bean sources!!

    1. I was wondering why you were calling me names. Thanks, I'll send you a note.