Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lulu Returns to White Rock Beach

While Lulu and I were at White Rock, we had one nice sunny day and decided not to waste it, so we went to the beach. 

Many people had the same idea and there were many dogs running in and out of the water.  We decided to stay behind some shrubs so the dogs wouldn't notice Lulu and she wouldn't see them.

Since Lulu had lots of dirt and mulch to play in at Louise's place, she seemed to enjoy staying on the grass and checking out the weeds that had gone to seed in the shrub beds.  

We met a couple of charming children who loved Lulu.  The girl's name was Dune and she asked many questions and even wanted to hold Lulu.  She was very gentle with her.  Her friend, Roman came along later and Dune filled him in on her chicken knowledge.  She was very good with Lulu and Lulu was content to be held by a stranger.  They also fed her grass and weed seeds.   What a charming pair of children.

We did go down to the beach with Lulu so she could eat some shells for calcium but she spied the dogs and wanted back up on the grass.

The tide was out so the dogs had lots of room to run and splash. 

 Unfortunately, it didn't take long for the clouds to roll back in.

Lulu had a wonderful afternoon and both Louise and I enjoyed the sun while it lasted. 

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  1. How lovely :) I'm glad you & Lulu enjoyed your day at the beach x