Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Sunny Fall Day With Lulu

After having some cool and windy weather, it turned sunny and warm.  I dug up my carrots and got the yard ready for winter while Lulu spent the day enjoying herself.  First she helped out my eating chunks out of one of the carrots.  She had never bothered with the carrots before, but the night before I snacked on carrot sticks and Lulu needed to share.  Now she helps herself while I am cutting off the tops.

Here she is checking out the tops to see if any bugs are hiding from her. 

"No bugs here, mom."  sighed Lulu. 

Then Lulu headed over to the herb garden to eat some gravel for her crop. 

She also found some grapes that had fallen and helped herself to the treat.

Then it was on to the garlic patch to scratch in the straw.

 "Not much happening here," commented Lulu.

"But look over there!  That looks interesting."  she exclaimed as she headed for the flower bed. 

"Ahh," Lulu sighed,  "Just perfect!  Lots of sun, some shelter from any stray breezes and soft dirt to bath in.  This is the life!"

"Hey!  It sure is nice to play in the leaves over here!  I like when they bunch up, sometimes you can find bugs." 

And as she spent the day enjoying the yard, she was oblivious to the gorgeous view that surrounded her.  ;)

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  1. What a lovely time Lulu was having in her lovely surroundings x