Monday, January 21, 2013

Garden Gossip with Lulu

Here are a couple of Lulu garden stories that I didn't post last year but thought were cute.

Lulu liked picking her own grapes.  Some of the newer grapevines grew grapes closer to the ground so they were within her reach.  Whenever she felt like eating grapes she would wander over to one of these low growing vines and help herself.  She was quite independent and preferred picking her own grapes rather then being fed grapes by me.  It was quite cute to see her tail sticking out from among the grape leaves and to hear her chattering to herself as she ate grapes.

Lulu also starting eating potatoes last year.  When I was digging potatoes, she would come and watch for worms and bugs.  Sometimes she would start pecking at a potato and eating chunks out of it.  I would try to give her smaller ones to peck at but she always headed for the biggest ones.  I stored the extra potatoes in the shed until I needed them.  One day I went out to get some potatoes and guess what I found.
Lulu had been snacking on the potatoes when I wasn't looking!  What a stinker.


Lulu sometimes got lonely out in the yard alone and would keep me company when I worked.  We have a triple sink outside to wash the produce.  Lulu would sometimes stand around the sink and I was afraid I might accidentally step on her.  I would get her a chair and she would sit and contentedly watch me work.  After she had enough company, she would jump down and carry on with her chickeny duties in the yard and garden. 
Lulu is very independent but likes to have company as well.  She has a mind of her own.


  1. Lulu is a darling! And a bit cheeky too! xx

  2. I love the pecked potatoes. What a little rotter.