Thursday, January 17, 2013

Update on Lulu

Well, no egg has appeared but Lulu seems back to normal.  I'm not sure what to think.  She had many of the symptoms of being egg-bound but nothing has come of it.  Lulu is eating, grooming, chattering and performing other normal chickeny behaviors.

She has been pooping alot so I am wondering if she could have been constipated.  I noticed her eating grit lately so perhaps that was part of the problem.

Lulu has had several long dirtbaths and now her feathers smell normal - which is to say - they don't smell of anything.

I have been giving her calcium and decided to continue this every day or two.  Helping Lulu consume enough calcium for strong shells is important if she continues to lay eggs on occasion.

Lulu has become very clingy though.  She sleeps beside me on the couch and usually has to be cuddled right up next to me.  If she is on the ground and comes to stand at my feet and if I don't pick her up, Lulu will peck at my pant leg as if to say, "Yoo Who!  I'm down here!  I want up!"

Lulu also doesn't like when I'm gone when she returns to a room.  She wants to know where I am at all times.  In the morning, when I am still in bed, Lulu is content to slip into my room and sleep behind the bed quietly.  But if she goes into the kitchen to eat, Lulu wants to know I'm still where she left me when she returns.  If I have moved, Lulu will start squawking and causing a fuss until I return or call to her from where ever I am.

The other day, Lulu stood outside the bathroom door causing a ruckus while I was having a bath.  When I opened the door and let her in, she was fine.  She is like a little kid who can no longer see her mom and starts to cry.  I never thought I'd have to share the bathroom with a chicken!

Since we had all the snow and cooler weather, Lulu doesn't go outside at all.  When I took her out on a sunny day, she just stood on the spot I set her down and wouldn't walk anywhere.  If I go out and leave her in the house, I find her in her kennel when I return.  I'm not sure if she needs the comfort and protection of her kennel or if Lulu is getting ready to travel with me.  When we go travelling, I often carry Lulu out in her kennel.  Wouldn't it be nice to know what a chicken actually thinks?

We are heading back to Alberta for awhile as I have to pick up my car.  We left it at my sister-in-laws and I returned home with Barry when I was sick.  Lulu won't enjoy the travelling as much as usual because there will be nowhere she can stand on the grass to stretch her legs the whole trip.  She will be content to be travelling with me though.  Me and my shadow - a chickeny one at that - will be on the road again.  Until next time - safe travelling.


  1. Brilliant news, I'm so pleased to hear Lulu is well again!!! xxxx

    Bless her, what a darling she is :) x

  2. You have a unique and sweet relationship with Lulu. How lucky are you both. :-)

  3. I'm so relieved to hear Lulu is feeling in good cluck. She's such a sweet little girl, I couldn't stand the thought of her not feeling well. You must be so happy with her return to normal.