Thursday, February 7, 2013

Library Quilts

I haven't spent much time in the local library since we moved here but did visit it more often while my cousin, Tina was staying with me.  One day I noticed the quilts hanging over the book shelves and decided I needed to get pictures of them.

I previously showed quilts from our local quilters group here .

I noticed that the quilts worked with the Dewey Decimal system of sorting books in many libraries.

These show 363 - environment and 400 - languages.

523- solar system and 581 - plants

598 - birds and 599 - animals

The neat thing about the banners is that they hang over the shelves of books they represent.

If you are looking for books about gardening or pets, you would look on these shelves.

Parenting and families - look here.

Some of the quilts have additions sewn on to them.  These have jewelry  and tiny quilts added.

These have actual examples of weaving and crocheting attached to the quilt squares.

The librarian I spoke to said it saves many steps by being able to say to someone looking for a book on music to look under the quilt square with the music notes on it.

The quilters have done a great job of picking the perfect fabrics.  Many of the borders also reflect the subject.  Look at the hockey sticks and skaters surrounding the below.

They have used many styles of quilting including applique and piece work. 

I spent alot of time admiring the quilts while Tina was choosing books, movies and Cd's.

I hope you are enjoying this walk around my local library with me.

The photos don't do the quilt justice but unless you are coming to visit, it is the best I can do.

Enjoy! ;)

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