Monday, February 18, 2013

Seedy Saturday

Lillooet held their 5th annual Seedy Saturday this past weekend.  This was the fourth one I've attended, missing only last year. 

There were info booths on seed saving, weeds, indigenous plants and berries and much more.  They also had seeds for sale that are open-pollinated, heritage and heirloom, organic from a number of smaller seed companies.   

To me the highlight is always the seed swap.  Here you can get  seeds saved by local gardeners to try out.  In the past I got some seed potatoes, Deer Tongue Lettuce and a variety of beans.  This year I got some seed potatoes again - 2 red (Red Dutch and Desiree) and 2 white (Russet Norkotah and German Butterball).

This was the first year, I was able to contribute some of my seeds.  I donated a half dozen varieties of lettuce and greens, two kinds of spinach and a number of herbs.

They also have a raffle every year with numerous prizes from a load of manure to home canning, pottery and seeds, to teas and gardening books.

Lulu came along for the ride but waited in the car especially since it was raining quite heavily.  When we returned home, it had just stopped raining so I left Lulu out for some fresh air.  When she was coming in, it took her a long time to climb the stairs because she was drinking the raindrops had were hanging from the stairs and table right next to the stairs.  She reminds me of a curious little kid - always checking things out that most of us don't even stop and notice.

Later in the afternoon, I got a call that I won one of the raffle prizes. :)

My prize was a tortilla chip and dip tray, 3 squash, a jar of pickled garlic scapes and a quart of canned apricots. 

All in all, it was a great day!  Everyone had thoughts of the up and coming growing season as the rain washed away a number of  snow banks.  Yippee!  Spring is on the way! 


  1. I'm glad you and Lulu had a fun day. I have some of the Deer Tongue Lettuce seeds you sent me. Thank you. I now have my lettuce seeds in a jar and just sprinkle a mixture rather than five packets. Is it the lettuce with the pointy leaf??

    1. Yes Deer Tongue is a mid to dark green longer pointy leaf. They do end up looking like deer tongues. I have some of my lettuce seed mixed as well. Since I don't eat it one kind at a time - it does make more sense.

  2. That sounds like so much fun. I wish we had something similar nearby. :)

    1. I know they are held in different places in Canada and Great Britain as either Seedy Saturday or Sunday but I don't know if they have any in the US.