Monday, February 25, 2013

Quick Update

Just a quick note to let you know I may not be blogging twice a week for the next while as I am busy painting the kitchen.  Since the kitchen is in disarray, it is hard to do any new food blogs.

The weather has improved and most of the snow is gone, so Lulu is enjoying the great outdoors.  She goes out for several hours a day except on windy days as she hates the wind.  Lulu spends her time wandering around the yard finding new spots to dig and explore.  I check on her regularly and am surprised at the amount of ground she covers. 

Lulu is NOT an asset when it comes to painting.  I have drop clothes for painting but use newspaper under the paint cans and tray.  Lulu loves to come around and rip the paper and try to eat it.  So on windy days, I either put her downstairs in her dirtbath (which keeps her busy for an hour or two) or put her on her window table in the living room with wheatgrass to keep her occupied.  What a little pest!

Anyway, take care and we'll be back soon.  Joan and Lulu

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