Monday, February 11, 2013

Lulu's Tail Feathers

Once upon a time, Lulu had lovely tail feathers. 
She had a full tail that any chicken would be proud of. 

 It was fairly even and nice and full.

When she molted, however, she lost her long tail feathers. 

Now look at Lulu's short tail feathers.

When she walks she looks like she has a round butt. 

But look!  This winter she started growing some new longer feathers!

 So far Lulu has three new tail feathers.

The strange thing is that they all curl to the one side. 

I'm not sure if this is the extent of Lulu's new tail feathers but she has had only three for a number of months now.

Looking at the feathers from the side, they look pretty scruffy.  Notice all the small feathers curl too.

Now when Lulu walks her long tail feathers sometimes drag because she doesn't walk with her butt up like most chickens.  No matter - I love Lulu and all her quirks.  ;)




  1. Lulu is quite fabulous with or without a tail.
    Only super special chickens can grow curvy tails! :) xx