Monday, June 11, 2012

Lunch With Rambo

We stopped in Hope, BC on the way to visit my sister-in-law in White Rock, BC.  After lunch Lulu needed to stretch her legs so we stopped at the Tourism Centre.   Lulu noticed the cutouts on the lawn.

"Who is that guy with the big muscles and why does he have a gun?" Lulu wondered out loud.  "Oh, I see," she continued, "It's Rambo!"

"Did you know much of Rambo, First Blood was shot right here in Hope?"  "That was many, many years ago though," said Lulu, "way before I was even an egg."

"Hey, mom!"  "Look at me,"  yelled Lulu,  "I'm Rambo!  Don't I look tough and scary!"

"Maybe this is my better side."  "What do you think, mom,"  queried Lulu, "Do I look better in profile?"

"Hey, listen to me,"  "Yo, Adrian!"  "Do I sound like Rambo?"  "What do you mean, wrong movie!?"  "Mom, are you making fun of me?"

"Oh, how about this, mom,"  chuckled Lulu, "I'll be back!"  "Yes I was making fun - not only wrong movie but wrong star too!"  "Cackle, cackle, cackle."

"Hey mom, look at these guys!"  cried Lulu.  "Who do you think they are?"

"They're paddling a canoe down the river."  said Lulu.  "It looks like a big river."  "Hey, I'll bet it is the Fraser River that runs right by our house too!"  "What do you think, mom?"

"Hey, mom!"  "Do you think I look good in a beard?"  asked Lulu.  "What about the skunk-tail hat."  "Do I smell funny?"  "What do you mean coonskin?"  "It looks like skunk to me not raccoon!"

"Hey look at me!"  "I'm a blond!"  "Do I look good?  Should I dye my feathers?  What do you think, mom?"  "Hey, mom!  Watch me, I'm paddling a canoe!  Neat huh?!"

"He went thataway!"  chortled Lulu.  "Oh, this was fun, mom, but we should get going."  said Lulu.  "I feel an egg coming on, so I need to get back to the van and get settled.  You know how I hate to lay while we're bouncing down the road."

So we continued on our way and yes indeed, Lulu did lay an egg in the van.  (But not until we stopped for supper.)

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