Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lulu Stories

I have a couple of funny incidents that happened with Lulu lately to share with you.  Unfortunately no pics so you'll have to use your imaginations.

Barry has been home helping with spring work in the yard before going back to work in Alberta.  We usually take a break in the afternoon for either a beer, iced coffee or a smoothie.  We sit in the front yard and watch the birds at the fountains and enjoy the yard.  When we started doing this, we often had peanuts or trail mix or something to snack on.  Lulu would see us sitting on the lawn chairs and hustle over to mooch a snack.

The other day we had been very busy - we bagged a cherry tree, pulled some weeds in the garden and did a couple more smaller jobs.  I was in the back thinning the fruit on the peach and apple trees and Lulu was scratching in the herb garden.  Barry came into the back and said, "Do you want a beer?"  I said yes but continued thinning the tree I was working on while Lulu took off for the front yard.  It was almost as if she decided, "Beer time means snack time!"  We both got a good laugh from that because usually she goes to the front if she sees us moving that way or carrying out the chair cushions.  But this time she had no clues at all except the word beer.  We need a new song - instead of "Beer for my horses" we need to sing "Beer for my chicken"  ;)

In the evening when we are sitting in the living room, Lulu usually sits on her footstool and snoozes until bedtime then I put her on her roost where she stays all night.  She won't go to bed before us.  If I put her on her roost and we are still up, she jumps off and comes back into the living room.  I give her some scratch and her pellets are in easy reach when she is on her roost. 

One night last week, Lulu got it into her head that she wanted to jump up on the end table beside the chair Barry was sitting in.  She has only jumped on the table once when he was eating a snack and she figured he should share.  That was months ago and this night he wasn't eating anything.  He kept telling her no and kept preventing her from jumping up.  He was getting frustrated because she wasn't listening and she was bound and determined that she was going onto the table. 

Barry finally took her off her footstool so she couldn't jump up on the table.  Lulu started to grumble and headed off to the kitchen where she put herself on her roost.  We thought that this was funny because she never does that.  It was almost like she was pouting and went to her room to sulk.  She turn her back on us and stood facing the closet the rest of the evening completely ignoring whatever we were doing.  She has never before stayed on her roost all evening.  She ignored us completely!  Talk about a snub!
The next morning all was forgiven and back to normal.  Funny chicken!  ;)


  1. My Ginger is a pouter. She is also a pecker and pecks at the other hens when I'm offering treats. If I tell her she's being naughty. She walks off and pouts and won't come back.

    1. Aren't chickens funny! Who would have thought they could be pouters. LOL!

  2. Who knew they could pout. OMG that is hilarious. I LOVE Lulu.